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Day 2–Eldoret

My luggage finally arrived this morning before we headed west towards Eldoret. All I can say is I am glad to have my pillow. Yes, I brought my pillow–I’m not ashamed either. It was a two hour ride in the van to Eldoret. The trip is broken up by a stop at the equator. Sounds exciting, but it’s like crossing a state line–there’s a sign and not much else. Oh, except the hole in the ground that is called the toilet. Ask Maureen, she’ll tell you all about it. We did make it to the dump site in Eldoret in time for lunch. The people were waiting on us with a look of despair mixed with relief. Smiles began to appear and quickly they moved to the place they were directed by Pastor Julius–a nice shady spot where a cool breeze could be felt. The assembly began with introductions and greetings from all the pastors–myself included. The feeding line was ordered and Maureen and I were instructed to give out 4 slices of bread and I carton of milk to each child. The chaos was kept to a minimum as we had enough food for adults as well. Bread and milk is all we handed out as there is no chairman in the dump site to create and keep order. Handing out blankets turned bad quickly. Pastor Julius had prepared for today by putting together a list of names a few weeks ago of the children who were to receive a blanket. The list didn’t work and chaos ensued. We didn’t hand out all of the blankets and we didn’t hand out any shoes. It was crazy. We felt bad because we knew there were plenty who needed both the shoes and the blankets. The older boys and men, we could tell, were looking at the blankets like a bunch of lions ready to pounce their prey. We fear many will be stolen before they even get home. We instructed all mothers to stay with their children and to keep an eye on the blankets. Unfortunately, in a place like Eldoret dump site there is not much to keep some of these men from taking what they want–blankets included. We can only pray the Lord will bring order to the lives of these people. The remaining blankets and shoes were saved for the Eldoret IDP camp. Between the chaos of the dump and the IDP camp, we stopped by to see two of the ladies who have received loans from OJI To start their own businesses. Fruits and vegetables, French fries, and dried sardines, and various other items. The smiles and gratitude of the ladies melted our hearts. They have broken the cycle of dependency and we give God the glory. As they are able to pay back their interest free loan. Another woman will be identified to start another self help business. The Eldoret IDP camp made the long journey worth it–especially after the disappointment of the dump site. Two chairmen kept order which made everything go smoothly. We began with a gathering around the Word of God. Each of my pastors introduced themselves and shared a word of encouragement for these people. I was offered the same opportunity. Jesus came to bring you life and life in abundance I promised them. I promised to pray that they will soon find that life outside of this camp. They all live in mud huts which look as if any minute they are going to fall. They were all loving people and so grateful that God had sent us there. We rejoice in the good work we were able to do for Gods Kingdom in this place. A hot meal was served (rice and beans), blankets handed out, and shoes given to those with bare feet. To say we have been overfilled with God’s Spirit is an understatement. It has been a long day, but one we know made God smile. Tomorrow, we look forward to meeting the pastor at one of the Presbyterian churches in Nakuru and a tour of Tumaini Mission center in Njoro. We will also be visiting Pastor David’s gardens and Poshu Mill. May the Lord give us rest do another great day here in Kenya.


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