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Day 3– Tumaini and Pastor David’s projects

All I can say is WOW! Today was amazing. My day started early as I got to eat breakfast with the pastors here in town at a little tea house. To eat, we enjoyed Samosas and chai–tea and milk mixture. Both were delicious. We picked up Maureen at the hotel and went immediately to the Nakuru West Presbyterian Church. I had made a contact a few weeks down at Roswell Presbyterian Church a few weeks ago who was from Nakuru. He helped me set up this visit. Our guide for the day was named David. He showed us the church, the nursing school, the medical clinic, the primary school, and the sanctuary all on the church campus. They have been able to build relationships with churches in the States–together they are doing amazing things. From there, we headed toward Njoro. Our first stop was the Tumaini Mission Center–another ministry of the Nakuru a West church. Here over 400 students live and go to school. Over 100 of these are orphans–some with HIV. They all receive a good education, food to eat, and the love they need as children. An amazing part of our visit was the visit to the hotel and conference center on this 25 acre campus. We enjoyed a delicious meal out on the terrace. This place is not what we all picture when we think of Africa. It even had Wifi. This hotel helps fund the mission center for the children just up the hill. It is truly an amazing thing to behold. God is so good!!! On leaving Tumaini, we made our way on into Njoro to Pastor David’s Poshu Mill. I couldn’t wait to see this project as he just opened and knew how excited he has been over its success. I am truly grateful for the faithfulness of FPC Cleveland, the BRuce family, Neile’s Aunt Graeme and her friend Margaret Zugsberger, and Christ Church Frederica for making his thing a reality. It will be responsible for helping feed hundreds of children–probably thousands. From there we got a tour of all that Pastor Dave and his wife are doing when they are not in the mill or in the fields. They have helped start over 50 businesses for women who otherwise have been dependent on others for survival. Fruit Stands , charcoal, firewood are all being sold and helping these women break the cycle of dependency. We have no idea how so little can help so much. IT IS SO EASY TO HELP THESE WOMEN OVER HERE–bring a woman into a life of self-dependency this Christmas rather than buy some useless junk–a donation as little as $10 to will go a long way. Maureen and I ended the day together processing all that we had seen and began to talk about what might be next for OJI. We are thinking big and pray that our friends will think and pray big with us. We are seeking the Lord’s guidance as we begin taking some new steps forward. May the Lord bless all of us as we seek to be faithful. Tomorrow, we are back in Njoro for the Sunshine school and another IDP Camp–both ministry projects of Pastor Dave and Anne.









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