First Presbyterian Church
147 N. Main Street
Cleveland, GA 30528

Day 4–Njoro, Sunshine School and IDP Camp

Today, the trip is catching up with me. Thankfully, I slept well last night because today was exhausting. The sun was hot today and emotions ran high. For some reason this year there seems to be more need. More need, means more people. More people, means more chaos. We are having a hard time, pastors included bringing order so we can help these people. They all want what we have, but don’t seem to understand we have to have order. The longer we stay in each place, the more we feel them caving in on us–I can’t blame them though. They need help desperately. Children covered in dirt and flies, barefoot and hungry. Mothers trying their best to get what they can for themselves and their children. Old men, even, on canes made of sticks, just need a little something–a little hope. Packing up and leaving is all we can threaten them with. But, that means we don’t complete what we feel called to do. I know it sounds bad, but, no one ever said serving the Lord would be easy. We press on each day filled with his love and grace. We know we would be the same way if our shoes were on the other feet. We did find joy in the smiles and songs of the Sunshine children. The “outside the gate” children WERE given blankets, which means warmth at night and the hope that someone does love them. We prayed and shared the love of Christ. 5 women gave their hearts to Christ still. I am convinced all the chaos is the work of something evil that doesn’t want us here doing what we are doing. I am even more determined because of this to share hope and love with these forgotten people. I ask tonight you fervently pray ( with BOLDNESS) that we will remain strong in the Lord and that God will open the hearts of all we are called to serve. May He be praised!!! Goodnight from Nakuru and God bless!!!


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