First Presbyterian Church
147 N. Main Street
Cleveland, GA 30528

Day 5–Rhonda Slums

I am not sure who’s been praying in the last 24 hours, but whoever you, THANK YOU. Today was an amazing day. Gods grace was out and about in full measure. We felt His presence as soon as we stepped out of the van in Rhonda Slum. At least a hundred children were in a worship session that was in full praise music mode when we got there. Songs of joy sung in both their native Swahili and English. Jesus loves me, Jesus loves you, clapping and dancing before the Lord. They were rejoicing for sure. They knew today was a special day–the last Saturday of the month always is because it is their only real hot meal of the month. Rice, potatoes, hot soup, and cabbage–and let’s not forget the orange Kool aid they get for dessert. They also knew there WD a surprise, but we didn’t let the cat out of the bag too soon so as to not create the chaos we have seen the last few days. Pastor Ken was great. He kept all the people under control–his continually presence in this community has paid dividends as they respect him as Pastor. They know he looks out for their best–and so they listen and follow. I was blessed to preach to the children and the adults in two separate sessions. To the adults I preached from John 11–the raising of Lazurus. I felt the Spirit and braved it without any notes–for quite a lengthy sermon too I might add.


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