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Open My Eyes That I May See

As this week begins, I have to be honest that I am still a bit exhausted from yesterday’s worship service.  I was a bit apprehensive before the sermon and wasn’t quite sure how it was going to come across.  I do believe, though, the Holy Spirit was present and very active throughout the entire morning.  For that, I am truly thankful.

The challenge was issue though; to join me in a time of prayer for our church.  Forty days to be exact.  For some of us, we might say, “Sure, I can do that.”  But, in all honesty, we may find that it is harder than we think.  “Where do I begin?, What do I ask God for?, How will know it if God begins to respond?”  These are all great questions, questions I am asking myself this morning.

As I have begun thinking about some answers, the words of the old hymn “Open My Eyes That I May See” have come to mind:

Open my eyes that I may see, glimpses of truth thou hast for me; Place in my hands the wonderful key that shall unclasp and set me free.

Open my ears, that i may hear voices of truth thou sendest clear; And while the wave notes fall on my ear, everything false will disappear.

Open my mouth, and let me bear gladly the warm truth everywhere; Open my heart, and let me prepare love with Thy children thus to share.

Silently now I wait for Thee, ready my God, Thy will to see; Open my eyes (ears, heart) illumine me, Spirit divine!

There are many stories in the Gospels of Jesus healing those who are blind and even those who mute (can’t hear). One particular story, which so happens to be one of my favorites is Mark 10:46-52, the story of blind Bartimaeus. After being told to be quiet by the disciples, he cries out louder to Jesus. “What do you want me to do for you?” Christ asks. “Let me see again,” he replies.>br>
Again. At one time Bartimaeus was able to see, but something happened to cause his blindness, to keep him from seeing clearly. His blindness forced him into a life of begging, a life on the margins.

Something has happened in the church that has blinded us as well. “Let us see AGAIN” should be our prayer. Let us see again, O Lord, all that you are and all that you would have us be. Glimpses of truth thou hast for me. Place in our hands the wonderful key that shall unclasp and set us free. Let’s begin these 40 days of prayer right here–asking God to open our eyes so that we might be set free.

Praying with you all.


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