First Presbyterian Church
147 N. Main Street
Cleveland, GA 30528

Blest Be the Tie that Binds

I guess I’m into some of the old hymns these days as I think about titles for these posts.  But I feel strongly about the connecting that is going on during our Wednesday night time together–God truly is blessing the ties between us.

Our conversation tonight was truly outstanding as we focused on relationships and how they have influenced our faith.  We also touched on the importance of being a part of some type of smaller group Bible study to allow ourselves the space to grow by being vulnerable and letting others into our lives.  I think this is key to growing spiritually.  I believe it’s why Jesus chose the last and the least and not the first and full.  Those at the top leave little room for growth.  It has been my experience with these types of people that they already know it all and feel no need for growth–“Just make me feel good about myself Pastor…until next Sunday.  Then, do it again.”

It’s in those times when we are unguarded and uncomfortable where the most growth occurs.  Jesus told his disciples to take nothing with them when he sent them out “as sheep among the wolves” mainly so they could grow.  Seeing and feeling the Holy Spirit work in their lives was powerful for them and it can be for us well.

I trust the Holy Spirit is moving among us at FPC and trust that the relationships that are being built and made stronger are what will take us into the next season of our church’s life.  I want to continue to encourage everyone to get involved in some type of small group ministry.  Make the decision to want to grow in your relationships–with Christ and with those God has called to walk beside you as fellow church members.  We have been given a gift called our church—I want it to be the strongest it can be.  If you are not currently in any group but would like to join or create one, please let me help.

Lord, we thank you for our church and for giving us fellow travelers to walk this journey of faith with.  Bless the relationships we have both inside and outside the church.  Give us the courage to leverage them for your sake.  Through Christ we pray.  Amen.


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