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Mission Trips

Honduras Mission Trip

FPC  is so fortunate to have so many people serving Christ by serving others! Lives were changed as our mission team consisting of 13 people, youth and adults, traveled to Honduras. Read the testimonials from our youth and see how lives were changed!

“I was hesitant at first but through the experience I know exactly why God had led me there. I have always been told how blessed I am to live the life I have, but I did not realize how lucky I was until I saw the way the people of third world countries live. The streets were busy, lined with adults selling anything and everything, barefooted children, skinny dogs, and roaming cattle. The houses were made of sticks and clay, dirt floors, with no electricity or running water. The further we got from the city, and into the country, the scenery was breathtaking. When we entered the gates of the agriculture school, I immediately felt God’s presence; I knew right then and there that God was going to be working in my life for the next week………” Hannah

“Escuela Agricola de hoger y Esperanza is a place where God’s love radiates from every corner and crevice. A place where you are surrounded by love and kindness. A place where you will be served beans 3 times a day. A place where you wake up early to milk cows and work hard in the fields. A place where you laugh, play games, and have fun. A place where language barriers do not exist. A place where you go as one person, but return forever changed for the better. A place that you will never forget.” Farrah

“…we took a tour of the church and the priest told us that he built the house behind the church all by himself. He was extremely proud of it. We saw a boy of no more than 4 years old pumping water into a bowl who might have been the priest’s son. Then we walked around to the front of the church and saw skinny horses grazing and a naked little boy running around the outside of his house. We sat on the steps of the church for a while and took in the beautiful mountains and scenery surrounding us. Soon enough, more people started to arrive for the service. We all went inside and took our places on the pews to worship.” Chloe